General information

The study of general and comparative history

The Seminar of general and comparative history provides for a specialized curriculum of master and doctoral studies in history. Besides, it partakes on providing obligatory courses for bachelor students and optional courses for students of other speciali-zations.

The General and comparative history specialization is based on a distinct approach to historical studies: its focus is on the historical problem; the goal is seen in explanation and understanding of the particular problem; the primary method used is comparison. The study is, therefore, structured thematically, concerning on general problems and issues, not on particular regions or periods. And it is only from the wider comparative perspective that the general problems can adequately be clarified.
Broad-mindedness and openness to theoretical thinking, willingness to learn and use methods from other than historical disciplines, mastery of at least one foreign language, are particularly welcomed qualities of our prospective students.
Please note that the master study of general and comparative history is only available in Czech. However, you are cordially welcome to visit occasional lectures of our foreign guests and visiting lectors, which are provided in English. For more detailed information on the study and its organization, see this page in Czech, and also take a look at other categories (courses, areas of research, and list of successfully defended master theses).