5th-20th April: Lectures of Darina Martykánová


Darina Martykánová
(Historian and Assistant Professor
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)


5th April: 15:50 – 17:20, 302a
Orientalization of Spain  

12th April 15:50 – 17:20, 302a

Masculinity, Nation and Civilization in Spain
(1830 – 1930)

20th April:14:10 – 15:40, 201

Global Engineers: the Birth of a Transnational Professional Culture between Paris and Constantinople

Darina Martykánová received a degree in Turkish Studies - History and Culture of Islamic Countries at the Universitas Carolina Pragensis and a Ph.D. in Modern History at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has also worked at the Universität Potsdam, Germany, at the EHESS, France and at the Istanbul University. Her work focuses on transnational production and circulation of knowledge, particularly in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Another line of her research is examining the redefinition of masculinities in relation with the discourse of progress and civilisation.


Selected publications:

  • with Juan Luis Simal: “Ferdinand and the Sultan. The Metaphor of the Turk and the Crisis of the Spanish Monarchy in the Early Nineteenth Century”, Contributions to the History of Concepts, 10 (1), 2015, 1-26.
  • “Shaping a New Man: The Schools for the State Engineers in Nineteenth-Century Spain (1830s–1900)”, Engineering Studies, vol. 6, 2 (2014), pp. 87-10
  • Reconstructing Ottoman Engineers. Archaeology of a Profession (1789-1914), Pisa, Edizioni Plus, 2010.
  • “Expert Knowledge and the State in Spain and in the Ottoman Empire. An Exercise in Comparative and Global History”, in Daniel Brauer, Günther Lottes, Iwan Michelangelo D’Aprile y Concha Roldán (coords.): New Perspectives in Global History, Hannover, 2013.

Venue of the lectures:

Faculty of Arts, Jana Palacha 2, 2nd floor, room  201; 3rd floor 302a