PhDr. Milan Scholz, Ph.D.

  • 1995 – 2003: František Palacký Grammar School in  Neratovice
  • 2003 – 2009: Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague
  • 2006: Specialization ‘General and comparative history’  
  • May 2009: Master degree at Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague. Title of the thesis: The Role of History in Nation – Centred Social Scientists Texts from the End of the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Century in Comparative Perspective. Masaryk, Unamuno, Dmowski, Gökalp.  
  •  2009 – 2017: Doctoral studies at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (specialization: ‘General and comparative history’). Title of doctoral thesis: National and Transnational question in the Period of Changing Collective Identities. A Contribution to the Research of Cultural Identities in the 19th and 20th Century Europe.
  • September 2009: School in comparative and transnational history at European University Institute, Florence (Italy)
  • November  2009: Academic Degree PhDr. (Philosophiae doctor, awarded on the basis of the ‘State Rigorous Exam’ )
  • General history of the 19th and 20th century
  • Comparative methodology, comparative approaches in history
  • Theory  and methodology of history
  • National  and  transnational question, relation of national and transnational concepts in historical perspective
  • Formation of the modern and contemporary society
  • History of ideologies and social theories  
  • Intellectual history, history of concepts and ideas (Begriffs – und Ideengeschichte)
  • History of social sciences and historiography, the role of history in the system of sciences and in society
  • "Čas soumraku", in Soudobé dějiny 1/2007, s. 236 – 237 [The Time of Twilight, book review].
  • "Dvakrát komunistické Československo a Afrika", in Soudobé dějiny 4/2007, s. 866 – 871 [Communist Czechoslovakia and Africa, book review].
  • "Komparativní přístup v historiografii a transnacionální historická problematika", Sociální studia 1/2009, s. 69 - 87 [Comparative approach in historiography and transnational historical issues, study] .