Schedule of the doctoral seminar

  • REACH - HORIZON2020 CULT-COOP-06-2017: Participatory approaches and social innovation in culture

    We are pleased to announce, that the European Commission has awarded us with funding for the three year H2020 project we have created with partners for the call CULT-COOP-06-2017: Participatory approaches and social innovation in culture. The consortium signed the contract and started to work.

    The kick-off meeting takes place in Berlin on December 2nd, 2017.
    Partners   Coordinators
    Coventry University (UK) Neil Forbes
    Promoter S.r.l. (IT) Antonella Fresa
    SPK Stiftung Preussischer
     Kulturbesitz (DE)
    Monika Hagedorn-
    ELTE Eotvos Lorand
    Tudomanyegyetem (HU)
    Gábor Sonkoly
    UGR Universidad de Granada (ES) José María Martín
    CUNI Univerzita Karlova (CZ) Luďa Klusáková
    MISE Ministero dello Sviluppo
    Economico (IT)
    Mauro Fazio
    REACH team at CUNI: Prof. PhDr. Luďa Klusáková, CSc., Doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Uherek, CSc., Mgr. Jaroslav Ira, PhD., Mgr. Jiří Janáč, PhD., PhDr. Jan Krajíček (doctoral student)
    REACH is a part of CHIPPC research group, it is based in the Seminar of General and Comparative History by the Institute of World History, Jan Palach square 2, room 302b., tel. +420 221619254
  • New TEMA+ Erasmus Mundus Master Course

    TEMA+ European Territories: Heritage and Development
  • Workshop with prof. Simon Gunn

    Cultural Heritage - Identification - Public Places - City research group
    Startup Workshop on Urban History Projects
    CHIPPC has the pleasure to invite to a workshop with
    prof. Simon Gunn (Leicester University, Center for Urban History)
    23rd May (Tuesday), 14:00-17:00, main building of the Faculty of Arts, nám. Jana Palacha 2, room 302A
  • Lecture: Traffic Architecture: The Car and the City in 1960s Britain

    Cultural Heritage - Identification - Public Places - City research group
    24th May (Wednesday), 14:00-17:00, Faculty of Arts, Hybernská 3, room 202
    seminar with TEMA visiting fellow
     Prof. SIMON GUNN
    (Leicester University)

    Mustafa Savoglu: Language Planning and Policies in Cyprus after 2003.
    Martin Branda: The image of Spain and Portugal in English written travelogues of the second half of the 18th century.
    20 minutes presentations and following debate on the way the concept of alterity is conceived and applied.
    15:30 Traffic Architecture: The Car and the City in 1960s Britain

    Lecture offered by prof. Simon Gunn
  • Lecture: Podlachia Province in North East Poland

    CHIPPC and SOKD invite you to the lecture
    Podlachia Province in North East Poland: the pearl of cultural diversity
     Prof. Dr. Habil. Halina Parafianowicz
    (The University of Bialystok, Poland)
    which will be held in the frame of the course
    Discovering European Culture Heritage
    date and place of venue: Tuesday 2nd May 2017, 12:30 - 14:00, the main building of Faculty of Arts, room 209
  • Open workshop within the The Diversity Week event (Faculty of Arts, Charles University)

    Identity Strategies: Heritage and Diversity

    Venue: Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 14:00 - 18:00 Sweerts-Sporck palace, Hybernská 3, Prague 1, room 303 (attic)

  • TEMA students and alumni have launched a new blog!
    Click on the picture to visit the site.

  • Workshop

    Heritage, Identifications and Public Places in Cities
    Cultural Heritage - Identification - Public
    Places - City research group
    Venue: Friday, 2nd December 2016, 10:00 – 16:00, Hybernská 3,
    Praha 1, room 303


    See the programme of the workshop here

  • Erasmus Mundus
    TEMA lectures

    The American Myth and Americanization of Poland and Czechoslovakia after the WWI

    Prof. Dr. hab.
    Halina Parafianowicz

    The University of Bialystok,

    Wednesday 25. 11., 15:50–17:20, Faculty of Arts, room 301

    Halina Parafianowicz is a full professor of history at the Bialystok University. Her research interest is into the 20th century political and social history of Central Europe, as well as United States.  She is author of Polska w europejskiej polityce Stanów Zjednoczonych w latach prezydentury Herberta C. Hoovera, 1929-1933; Zapomniany prezydent. Biografia polityczna Herberta C. Hoovera, 1874-1964; Czechosławacja w polityce Stanów Zjednoczonych w latach 1918-1933; Eleanor Anna Roosevelt (1884-1962) W cieniu wielkiego męża, of over 130 articles in her research area, and is the main organizer of American Forum, yearly Americanist conferences in Poland. Prof. Parafianowicz is also the Editor in chief of scientific review "Białostockie Teki Historyczne".

  • 4th and 11th November 2015

    Erasmus Mundus
    TEMA  lectures

    Two-day course on Historical GIS

    Prof. Scott Madry, PhD  

    The University of North Carolina
    at Chapel Hill   

    International Space University
    in Strasbourgh                                        

    Introduction to Historical GIS and Historical Cartography
    Wednesday, 4th November, room 201, 14:10-15:40 + r. 104, 17:30-19:00
    HGIS research in Europe
    Wednesday, 11th November, r. 201, 14:10-15:40 + r. 104 , 17:30-19:00

    Following each lecture (4th, 11th, 14:10 – 15:40, room 201) Dr Madry will  lead a hands-on workshop (17:30-19:00 room 104) which will introduce the students to Open Source GIS. The students will learn the basic user interface of QGIS, including loading of vector and raster data, and basic GIS functions using various European datasets. The lectures and workshop take place  in the main Faculty of Arts building at Jana Palacha square 2, Praha 1.

    This workshop requires registration: