Address and contact

Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Institute of General History
Nám. Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Praha 1
telephone: +420 2 21 61 92 03, +420 2 21 61 92 54      
fax: +420 2 22 61 93 85
room n. 302b, 3rd floor

Basic information

The Seminar of General and Comparative History was established in 1993 as a result of the reconstruction of the Institute of World History of the Charles University at Prague. It is the first and until now the only academic institution in the Czech Republic working specificaly in the field of comparative history  In 1995/6 the Seminar launched the master programme ”General and Comparative History”. It also guarantees the PhD programme in general history, specializing on general and comparative history.
Since 2007 the Seminar also organizes the doctoral programme in the history of technology in cooperation with the Technical University in Eindhoven.
Since its beginning about forty-two master theses were completed in the Seminar. So far, six doctoral students successfully finished the PhD programme (Miloš Řezník, Daniela Tinková, Pavel Kolář, Adam Votruba, Hana Sobotková, Veronika Sušová), while others are just about to complete the studies (Tomáš Chrobák, Ondřej Daniel) or entered the programme (Martina Krocová, Eva Kalivodová, Jaroslav Ira, Jiří Janáč, Silvie Šlejmarová, Božena Radiměřská, Markéta Rubešová).
The Seminar of General and Comparative History co-operates with numerous foreign institutions with corresponding research orientation above all in Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, Poland, Italy, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria and other countries. It also participates in the Erasmus Programme for international students by providing English courses for international students.
At the moment the teaching staff includes one associate professor, one senior lecturer, one junior lecturer, and eight PhD. students. Professor Miroslav Hroch, who founded the Seminar of General and Comparative History, now has prominent place among our external members and collaborators.